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"AN URGENT AND PROVOCATIVE CALL FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT IN INTERFAITH DIALOGUES." "The most informative brilliantly written chronological history of the “true voice” of humans on God and spirituality." "DISCOVER THE TRANSCENDENT HARMONY AMONG ALL RELIGIONS."
God’s Facebook is the first ever chronological presentation of 5,000 years of God’s words and human thoughts on God in a single volume to help readers discover the transcendent harmony among all religions. The presentation is unique and entertaining with the creative utilization of facebook paradigms – “timeline”, “status update”, “wall” (holy wall and wall of mortals), “notes” from history, and “like”. Purchase the book today to find out how the “voice of compassion” can triumph over the “voice of violence” and how you can help in building a “House of Friendship of Civilizations” to avert the “Clash of Civilizations.”
Dr. Najmus Saquib, a philosopher at heart, is an engineer entrepreneur in real life. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Davis. He brings immensely rich cross-cultural perspectives through the personal experience of living in two continents (Asia and North America) among people of different faiths and cultures. In God’s Facebook, he strikes an unusual balance by presenting diverse opinions from all faiths. His choice of quotations, supplemented by historical footnotes and occasional commentary, speaks of his deep understanding of religion and philosophy, and will be a constant source of enjoyment for readers.
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