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"AN URGENT AND PROVOCATIVE CALL FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT IN INTERFAITH DIALOGUES." "The most informative brilliantly written chronological history of the “true voice” of humans on God and spirituality." "DISCOVER THE TRANSCENDENT HARMONY AMONG ALL RELIGIONS."
“Removing religion from public life is not the solution.” – Najmus Saquib

Dr. Najmus Saquib is a scholar of comparative religion; he has been writing on religion and philosophy since 1990s in his native language, bengali. In God’s Facebook, his first book in english, Dr. Saquib brought together more than 20 years of research on comparative religion in a brilliant and creative way.

Dr. Saquib received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 1982. He taught at BUET for a year before coming to University of Kentucky, Lexington, where he completed his Master’s degree in 1984. He received his Ph.D. in engineering from University of California at Davis. He founded an engineering consulting firm in California and ran it for more than a decade before merging it with a larger firm, of which he is a partner now. He lives in El Dorado Hills, California with his wife and two daughters.

Dr. Saquib is an accomplished writer and newspaper columnist in Bangladesh before he moved to USA. He is currently involved in strategic planning of water management with the State of California. He has been involved in community projects involving people of multiple faiths and cultures.

“Religion, or for that matter, any other ideology, is by its very nature both a personal and a collective journey. When we internalize an ideology to call it our own – it is often a personal journey of soul searching. Since humans are social animals, we typically like to share our discovery or ideology with others; that’s when our collective journey begins. We must also find creative solutions to the problem of public religiosity becoming a dangerous weapon against human rational quest; removing religion from public life is not the solution. Rather, we should create a friendship of religions as we have created a friendship of people of different countries, colors, and races in USA.” – Najmus Saquib

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