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"AN URGENT AND PROVOCATIVE CALL FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT IN INTERFAITH DIALOGUES." "The most informative brilliantly written chronological history of the “true voice” of humans on God and spirituality." "DISCOVER THE TRANSCENDENT HARMONY AMONG ALL RELIGIONS."

Professor Mukherjee Reports on Author Speech

Author Speech at Toronto NABC Conference [Video]

Author Speech at Toronto NABC Conference [Transcript]

Author Interview in Siliconner [PDF]

Press Note in Davis Enterprise [PDF]

“We have seen so much suffering because we took pride in our religion (although pride is considered a negative trait in all religious scriptures) and have judged other religions, primarily due to our unfamiliarity, as savage religions. Politics, imperialism, and competition for land and resources complicated matters further and the power-hungry people among us quickly discovered that religious fervor is the strongest emotion that we can use to gain more.” – Najmus Saquib

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