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"AN URGENT AND PROVOCATIVE CALL FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT IN INTERFAITH DIALOGUES." "The most informative brilliantly written chronological history of the “true voice” of humans on God and spirituality." "DISCOVER THE TRANSCENDENT HARMONY AMONG ALL RELIGIONS."

Why is this book important?

In God’s Facebook, Dr. Najmus Saquib takes the readers through a 5,000 year journey into the mental landscape of humans and through an erudite mixture of history, quotes, and commentary, he removes the unfamiliarity from all major religions. He speaks out for the first time: The Clash of Civilizations as predicted by Harvard’s Samuel Huntington is not acceptable and paves the path for creating a friendship of civilizations.

Working as a religious detective, Dr. Saquib also shows for the first time in a succinct presentation, how Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Atheism all bear the seeds of violence. Thereby, he destigmatizes religion as a violent force while highlighting the voice of compassion in religion in an evidentiary method.

This book is best sourcebook for interfaith dialogues and can educate, in an entertaining way, our police officers who are involved in interfaith outreach.


Who is this book for?

  • Anyone who is interested in discovering the transcendent harmony among all religions
  • Anyone who is interested in a spiritual journey through the minds of God, man, and woman
  • Anyone who is interested in world peace and interfaith dialogues
  • A professor who is interested in building the next generation of interfaith leaders
  • A community leader who is committed to nurturing mutual respect among followers of different religions


What’s in it for me?

  • Instant access, in a single volume, to all significant thoughts on God
  • Mind-boggling perspectives on God in Chapter 8 (God is Dead), Chapter 9 (God is Back), Chapter 10 (God of Nobel Laureates) and Chapter 11 (God of Children and Teenagers)
  • Eye-opening comparison of all major religions
  • Fascinating juxtaposition of socio-political background and human thoughts on God
  • Inspiring new ideas for creating a Friendship of Civilizations in Chapter 14 (God of the Future)


Book Summary:

Book Chapters:

“Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.”
The Russell-Einstein Manifesto, page 369
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